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In a setting that to some extent looks like an enlarged model, are displayed the ceramic works of Agi Yoeli and Dana Yoeli, grandmother and granddaughter, including a large lion, a terracotta cat, life-size male feet, a decorative fountain, Ionic pillars, miniature trees and a giant flower.  The combination of the works of these two artists and the installation creates a synthesis of a sculptural ceramic environment, a set for a play, an historical museum, and the ruins of an archaeological site.  In the past years Dana has begun making ceramic works, a medium that her grandmother specialized in, but it is the first time she examines their connection and the influence of her grandmother on her practice. In a contemporary and liberated installation she re- reads the body of work made by  her grandmother, the inheritance of her family.

Avi Lubin, March 2023

more about this show here

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