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This body of notebook drawings, which was exhibited in Tel Aviv Museum, refers to the lasting tradition of German adventure books. In this drawing series the artist infiltrates the tradition of book illustration and narrative drawing, and explores the relations between man and nature. This series of graphite work in notebooks hand made by the artist, is based on illustrations from a German youth book. Dana Yoeli edits and erases sections in the original illustrations, and creates new sections, camouflaging these actions by using the original drawing method of an attentive, fairly small graphite work of a narrative image. Despite seeming like a faithful homage, these drawings depict abandoned male figures, left to their own device, in a harsh natural environment, and so they are conceptual deformations of the original illustrations, which were a celebration of man's power over nature. As a woman, Yoeli chooses to infiltrate the lengthy tradition of travelling men and inserts herself into the dynasty of men storytellers and adventurers. Exploring the traditions of youth books is also a personal voyage, as it is from this point in his life that the artist's grandfather had to leave, as a 14 year old boy, his German homeland and family.

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