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Dana Yoeli, b. 1979



Alef-Beit, (hand bound letter book), 2020

Olympia (catalog), 2018 

Ashuchit|Fichte (Artist book), 2015 

Selected exhibitions


The Tel Aviv Biennale of Crafts and Design, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Changing Room, with Agi Yoeli, Benjamin center for Ceramics, Tel Aviv

the palaces of Animals, Solo project, peach Tikva Museum of Art

Through The Glass Darkly, Magasin III Bookstore vitrine, Jaffa

The Atelier, one woman show, the historical painter house, Jerusalem


Traces and Drops, with Aline Alagem, BY5 Gallery, TelAviv

(Upcoming) the palaces of Animals, Solo project, peach Tikva Museum of Art

(Upcoming) The Atelier, one woman show, the historical painter house, Jerusalem

Shat Li Bazman, Scottish Hospital, Jaffa



Keine Leichte Sehnsucht, Leipzigger Baumwolle Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany 

Rooms, eight one person shows, Chelouche Artist Residency space, Jaffa

Concrete Gardens, collaborative two women show with Suse Bauer, Frise Hamburg, Germany



Reflections, Omer Tirosche gallery, Jaffa

Black Sun, Cheloushe Gallery Tel Aviv


Crypt, One woman show, Chelouche Gallery, Tel Aviv 

Dusk,  Site specific commissioned work for Artplus, Tel Aviv    

not the end, Forum för levande historia, Stockholm, Sweden


The Interior, One woman show, Biyalik Museum, Tel Aviv 

The Fourth Wall, Ramat Eliyahu Gallery  

sculpture and set design for Seneca's Thyestes, Tel Aviv


Olympia, One woman show, Herzlyia Museum of Art

The kids want communism, Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin


The kids want communism, Bat Yam museum of Art 

Credenza, Dual show with Gideon Gechtman, Cheloushe Gallery, Tel Aviv

To be more than a rock,, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv

Ashuchit/Fichte, One woman show, CIRCLE-1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Rootless/Ha'talush, Tel Aviv museum of Art 

Post-Postmodernism ? Utopia, Haifa museum of Art, Haifa

Girls just wanna have fun, New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem

Shoshanat Ruchot, Redline, Beer Sheva 


Timion, One woman show show, Beit Tammy, Tel Aviv

Ashuchit/Fichte, One woman show, Sadna'ot Ha'amanim, Tel Aviv 

Host, Sadnaot Haomanim Tel Aviv 

Measef , Artists house, Jerusalem

Agro-art , Petach Tikva museum of art, Petach Tikva


Beton, Bulimia, Beit Benyamini house, Tel Aviv 

Dialog, KUBUS, Hannover, Germany

Tabula rasa , Kupfermann collection, Kibbutz lochamey hageta'ot


Shod vashever , Shay Arye gallery, Tel Aviv 

The Young Artist award Winners exhibition , Ashdod Museum, Ashdod


Random, BAAD gallery, Tel Aviv

The owls aot what they seem , Ganei Omer

Automaton, One woman show, Dana gallery, Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai


New horizons, Mani house, Tel Aviv

And what shall we do with painting? Haifa museum of art, Haifa

Wind stones, Daniel gallery, Tel Aviv

Leviathan, One woman show, kav 16 gallery, Tel Aviv


neighborliness, Bet Hagefen Gallery, Haifa

Real presence 10, KC Grad, Belgrade, Serbia

Thin ice, Dana gallery, Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai

Salame 10, One woman show, MFA graduate show, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv

Bread and roses, Minshar gallery, Tel Aviv

A Way from no Way, Opera Gallery, New York


Maximalism, ArtTLV biennial, Avni institute, Tel Aviv

Makirim, Shay Arye Gallery, Tel Aviv

Limited Action, Bezalel in Tel Aviv

Hitna’arut, WIZO Haifa, Haifa

Degenerate Art, Dan Gallery, Tel-Aviv

MOBY Factory, with Yonatan Shilo, Bat-Yam industrial area the Bat Yam museum of art

The Fresh Paint 2 Art fair, Mitcham Hatachana, Tel Aviv

Mani’s Haunted House, Mani’s House art space, Tel- Aviv 

Secret art 4, Mani’s House art space, Tel- Aviv 

Artist-Hunter: Part 1-Prey, the Nachum Guttmann Museum, Tel-Aviv 

A4, GSA, Glasgow, Scotland


The grandsmllworks show, F.U.E.L Collection, Philadelphia PA, USA 

Tsalmon, with Yonatan Shilo, The project room at Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel Aviv 

The 1st Ramat Hasharon Biennale for emerging artists, Ramat Hasharon

Salon Ha'omanut, Kiriyat Hamlacha, Tel Aviv

The 1st Fresh Paint Art fair, Tel Aviv

Somewhere better than this place, Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

Awards, Grants, Residencies 

2022 Asylum and the neighborhood small grant

2022 The ministry of culture grant for independent creatures for production of new work

2019 with Suse Bauer: Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg Research grant

2019 with Suse Bauer: Artist Residency, Kibbutz Kabri, Israel

2017 Israeli lottery grant

2016 the Ostrovsky Family Fund

2015 Joshua Rabinowitz foundation grant, supporting a new work

2015 Joshua Rabinowitz foundation and Tel Aviv Municipality grant

2014 Joshua Rabinowitz foundation grant, supporting an artist book

2013 IDA Hanover and Schir, artist residency, Hanover, Germany

2013 Israeli lottery grant

2012 Young Artist award, the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport

2005 The Dr. Noam Schodowsky award for a young artist

2005 Stipendium DAAD & Friends of Bezalel Academy, Hamburg



M.F.A Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel Aviv


B.F.A. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem


Student Exchange program, HAW, Hamburg


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